Gain Extreme Clarity On Your Next Steps With Apartment Investing

Our Strategy Calls Are Tailored To Your Specific Life Situation And Will Provide Absolute Clarity On What You Should Do Next...Even If You Have No Experience or No Money!!

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Are These The Reasons Why You Haven't Closed On Your First Deal Yet?

  • Lacking experience: You're afraid that a lack of experience will hinder your progress.

  • Limited finances: Insufficient funds is a big issue as you worry about covering initial investments and potential losses.

  • Fear of failure: Your don't want to lose money or make poor investment choices.

  • Confidence issues: You doubt your ability to succeed in a competitive apartment investment market.

  • Time commitment: Juggling your current personal and work duties feel daunting.

  • Legal and regulatory concerns: Navigating the complex web of laws, regulations, and taxes intimidate you.

  • Market uncertainty: Economic fluctuations and its unpredictablility is an issue.

  • Lack of support: Your circle of life does not include people who have invested in apartments and are steering you away

If so, just know I’ve been there and you’re not alone...

Mentoring with Michael Blank

The most effective program on the planet to help you do your first apartment building deal.

Because once you do that first deal, the “law of the first deal” takes over and you're just 2-3 years away from financial freedom.

As a mentoring student, you’ll work directly with one of our highly experienced mentors who have successfully replaced their income with apartment buildings.

Yes, they’ve already done what you want to do, which is to become financially free.

In addition to providing their own experience, they’ve been trained in my unique 12-month training program designed to help you do your first deal so that you can become financially free in the next 1-3 years.

Just a word of warning though…

We don’t accept everyone into the program.

We’re looking for action takers, who are willing to do the work. Someone who really wants to change his or her life.

If that’s you, then watch the video below and if you think mentoring might be right for you, schedule a free strategy call with us.

Take Advantage of a Free Strategy Session, Customized to Fit Your Investing Journey

Note: I will send my FREE exclusive training to help you prepare for your personalized strategy call.



Through my company, Nighthawk Equity, I control over $350 million in performing multifamily assets all over the United States.

I've also taught 10,578 students how to invest in apartment buildings without money or experience.

Over the last eight years, my students have used my proven strategies to acquire over 45,000 units valued at more than $1.5 billion.

What Others Are Saying About Us

“He gave me the know how!”

My wife and I are excited to take our money raising outside of friends and family to go from what we currently own, over 300 units. Our new goal is over 1000 units. So thanks again, Michael for continuing to put out great content. We look forward to being part of your team. -- Brian Wagers

“The Law of the First Deal works!”

Michael and the team condensed the learning curve, and really helped me through the learning process of understanding how to analyze a good deal, what's a good deal, what's a bad deal. If it wasn't for that team, I don't know if I would have been able to do it. 

-- Tom Reed

“I highly recommend it!”

The thoroughness and the planning that they put into the program is very well done and organized. I love the teaching. They make you go through a real world analysis to buy your first multifamily deal. I’m very impressed. -- Ross


There Is Zero Risk! We Guarantee That You Will Close A Deal, Otherwise We Work With You Until You Do

We have a 99% success rate. Only students who decide to quit are the ones who don't close a deal.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is now the right time to get started?

Don't try to time the market. Instead, focus on a strategy that works in any market, like multifamily investing. Multifamily investing has proven to be resilient in various market conditions and is an effective strategy to start with now.


Why should I work with an Advisor?

There are very few top athletes who don’t have a coach. Many CEOs have a coach: Jeff Bezos uses a CEO coach. Google’s Larry Page uses a CEO coach. Steve Jobs used a coach. I have a coach. If you want to get to the next level, coaches, mentors and advisors are the BEST and FASTEST way to do it.


How do I know if coaching or mentoring is right for me?

We are fairly selective with whom we invite into the program because we want to work only with individuals who have the right level of motivation. That is why a clarity phone call is necessary. We want to learn about your goals, dreams and situation. By the end of the call, you will have a clear idea on what your next steps will be in your apartment investing journey.


Will you help me raise capital for my deals?

Syndication is all about raising capital! Our program will teach you essential networking skills and strategies to identify and connect with high net worth individuals eager to invest in lucrative real estate opportunities. You don't need previous experience and you don't need to ask your friends and family for money! We'll also show you how you can raise millions of dollars online on autopilot like the big boys do. Our Deal Maker Network gives you access to professionals, deal flow, capital, and partners. Need to raise $5M? You’ll have it raised in days. We are committed to helping you become an expert capital raiser!


What if I make a mistake?

Yes, you probably are going to make some mistakes. But here’s the good news: if you follow our Deal Maker Blueprint™ and listen to our Advisors, then you’re going to avoid the big mistakes. Don’t fear small mistakes. That’s how you learn. But you DO want to avoid the BIG mistakes, the ones that can put you out of business. And if you’re working with us, that’s not going to happen - unless you ignore our advice.


What makes your program different from other real estate mentoring programs?

We're different because we've got a system that works! Our team of Advisors that include full-time syndicators, have hands-on experience and stay up-to-date with industry trends. You'll have your own cheerleader, professor, implementor, and the best community in the industry supporting you. Plus, we're so confident in our approach that we guarantee results.


Once I do my first deal, will you help me scale my portfolio?

Yes, absolutely. Our programs are designed to help you do your first syndication in the next 12 months, achieving financial freedom, scaling your portfolio and leaving a legacy. Once you do your first deal, you will enter the "Deal Maker Professional" stage of the Deal Maker Journey where we help you 10X your capital raising capacity and scale your business to 1,000 units or $10M raised.

Note: Be on the lookout for my FREE exclusive training in your inbox.

More Success Stories

“Amazing content!”

I joined a mentorship group, and boy, what a difference that made. All the difference in the world. After over a year of having no progress. I was surrounded by people like me who had achieved multifamily acquisition.. -- Chihiro Kurokawa

“Excited about the future!”

My wife and I decided to join the mentorship program, and eight months later, we were able to put a deal under contract. We closed just a couple of weeks ago. We’re super excited about the future and looking forward to the next deal. -- Burnie Lund

“Best thing I ever did!”

It was what I needed to stay accountable and reach my goals, the best thing I ever did in real estate. In January of 2019, I had my first deal under contract for a 34 unit property in metro Atlanta, and we closed on that deal in May of 2019. -- Sheryl Gurvey

“Give the tools I needed to succeed!”

It gave me confidence. I knew I was working with someone who had been where I had been, and had gotten to where I wanted to be. If I hadn’t listened to the podcast, and come across the mentoring program, I would be right back where it was before, spinning my wheels.-- David Acosta

“Opened my eyes to what I could do!”

We had our first deal close and deal two and three right on the heels of number one. My trajectory is mostly attributed to what I learned through the Michael Blank program, to the partners that I met through the program, and everything that goes along with it. -- Brian Briscoe

“A life-changing decision!”

I knew if I was going to do something much larger, I needed help. When my wife and we went to Deal Maker Live, we knew that we wanted to be mentoring students. It was a life changing decision for us. I can’t imagine going through due diligence without a mentor.

-- Mauricio Roque

Do These Qualities Resonate With You?

We DO NOT work with everyone! We only work with individuals who have these qualties and values.

Driven & Focused

Highly Motivated


High Integrity

Action Takers

Community Minded

Servant Leader

Hard Working

Positive & Optimistic

Note: I will send my FREE exclusive training to you prepare for your customized clarity call.

I'm super excited about the future and looking forward to the next deal! -- Burnie Lund

Michael Blank

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